Communicate – Communicate – Communicate

This year of lock downs, social distancing and the inability of our Lodges to meet, has made the need to communicate and engage with each other more important than ever before.

To this end the Provincial Grand Master and his Executive have already held no less than ten Zoom Communication meetings with Brethren and Provincial working groups across the Province during the Summer and Autumn months. Many more such meetings are planned over the Winter.

The next round of meetings will be with the Acting Provincial Officers, the Provincial Almoner and Secretarial Networks and all Lodge Almoners and Charity Stewards. Then early next year with all Brethren of the Province again grouped into Installed Masters’ Association areas.

Each of these meetings lasts about 1 hour and is designed to reinforce the key messages and advice the Province has been giving during the pandemic, the administrative requirements involved and an opportunity for all Brethren to ask questions. Also to brief Brethren on other things which have been happening and what thoughts the Province has for the future. 

Other items discussed have included the recommendation for Lodges to ‘Roll forward’ their Worshipful Masters and Officers to 2021, the new Almoner and Secretarial Networks, Candidates waiting to join us, Provincial Communications and the 2023 Festival. 

The main messages to all Brethren arising from these meetings so far have been:

1. Brethren should not feel pressurised in any way to return to their Freemasonry until the time is right for them and they feel safe to do so. 

2. We must attempt to put some regularity and routine back into our Mark Masonry holding Virtual Meetings on Regular Lodge nights. (These can be Virtual Business Meetings if there is business to attend to or less formal Virtual Lodge Meetings).

The Provincial Grand Master considers item 2 to be essential for the future well-being of our Lodges, the Province and our Order, and will be asking all Lodges to consider holding both types of Virtual Meeting on Regular Lodge nights until we are able to physically meet again.

In the meantime, communicate and engage, it is vital that we demonstrate our Brotherly love for each other.

W. Bro. Duncan Smith, P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager