Cleeves and Whitehead Trust: Donation to ‘Firefly’


Doncaster is a relatively small town and the hospital doesn’t have a specialist cancer unit, the closest Hospital for cancer treatment in South Yorkshire is the Western Park Hospital in Sheffield.  Whilst this is not a long journey, for someone who has just undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy and various other invasive treatments, it can be an uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing if they have to use public transport.


Cancer patients may need to visit the units sometimes every day for ongoing treatment and will be reliant on friends and family to take them to the hospital. This can, on occasion, cause difficulties if a trip is needed daily and relying on loved ones to take them for their care is not always easy especially, for those that work full time. Also the hospital is based within a very popular student suburb of Sheffield and it is extremely difficult to park near or outside the hospital.

This is where ‘Firefly’ come in and they are at present ferrying between 35 and 40 patients a day . Upon receiving a request for financial assistance the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, on behalf of the Brethren of the West Yorkshire Province, presented them with a cheque for £3000.00.


One recent patient who benefited from this free service was Pauline Corfield, the wife of Very Worshipful Brother Bob Corfield, P.Dep.Prov.G.M. They are seen  presenting the Cheque to Ian (Chewy) Baccus, the partner of Firefly’s Founder , Denise Dunn who sadly died from  cancer herself .