Cleeves and Whitehead Trust support Harrogate Rehabilitation Unit

Since 1998 the Rowan Rehabilitation Unit in Harrogate has been providing the local community and other districts with intensive rehabilitation following illnesses such as stokes, multiple sclerosis, brain and spinal surgery, as well as now being involved in post- Covidrehab, known as Long Covid.

The Unit provides a service that occupies an important stage in a person’s recovery from hospital back into the community. An essential part of this service is specialist equipment which enables a person to progress with their recovery and to return to as normal a life as possible.

The Unit requested the help of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, which was delighted to fund the required equipment in the sum of £2,500.  Thanks to the Trust, the Rowan Rehabilitation Unit is now the proud owner of specialist seating which allows patients to be more active and mobile, thereenhancing their environment during their long period of recovery from these debilitating illnesses.

A patient using the specialised seating whilst enjoying some spring sunshine (The patient has given permission for the photograph to be shared)