Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, Eulogy in respect of Mrs Judith Mann

This is a Eulogy given at the Annual Meeting on the 2nd April the Chairman of Trustees Jim Stanley.

‘’It s my privilege today to pay tribute to a Lady who was nothing short of a Legend in this Province.

Judith Mann ,Welfare Officer of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, and beloved wife of the late V.W.Bro. Philip Mann who worked alongside Judith, caring for the Brethren and dependants of the Province.

Judith was involved with the Cleeves and Whitehead as Welfare Officer virtually at it’s launch and as well as carrying out the duties of that office also took on the duties of helping with the annual holiday to Llandudno. Pretty soon she and Freda Buxton were running it. Travelling with the party, staying at the hotel, and looking after the Brethren seeing that they were enjoying themselves and that all went smoothly.

That was Judith… if it’s worth doing make sure that it’s done right. And she did. She gained a reputation in West Yorkshire as a hard working member of the Team, someone who could be trusted and whom you knew would not let you down. She took great pride in helping Brethren in distress and would move mountains to get a result. Everyone who came in contact with her had nothing but admiration for her tireless work. 

In 2010 she was presented with the P.G.M.’s Distinguished Service Award and we were all of the opinion that it was a justly deserved Honour in recognition of all that hard work which she had done on behalf of the Trust and the Province. 

Many Tributes have been paid to Judith following her passing on the 14th February, pointing out that her death was the end of an era….not so,… it was the end of a Golden Era..

Judith Mann will always be remembered as a Lady with Integrity, Compassion, and Loyalty, a staunch supporter of the Mark Degree and, in particular, the Members of this Province.  She will be missed.