Chaplain’s Message at Easter

At the heart of the Easter message, and of Passover, which happen in the same week this year, and indeed of Ramadan, which will occur later this month – at the heart of all of these can be found the same message:  Hope

Hope for better times, hope that indeed that the end of this life is not the end, but the beginning of a new life, a promised land.  If we believe, this is of the greatest comfort.  But what if none of it is true – if it is just a story to comfort us, afraid of the dark?  Even if I were to discover that none of what I believe were true, I still believe that my life has been better, and better lived, because I have believed. 

Maybe, in these uncertain times, your Mark Lodge almoner has asked you to make a regular phone call to older or vulnerable brethren.  And maybe, like me, that seemed a daunting task.  What if I don’t know what to say?  What if they don’t want a phone call?  If that’s been the case for you, I hope that you have found that making those calls has been a blessing to you as well.

It is a very human thing to fear rejection.  But at the heart of the Mark degree we learn to overcome that fear.  The Mark degree teaches us integrity; that even when others reject our best efforts, holding fast to what we know to be good and true will win out in the end.  It is about courage in the face of adversity.  In these uncertain times, may our hope, and courage, and integrity, prove to be both a comfort, and an example.   

Rev. Roger A.M.T. Quick
Provincial Grand Chaplain