** CANCELLED ** – Caldene Lodge Social Evening

Unfortunately, this social event has had to be postponed.

The 2nd July meeting will go ahead, as a regular business meeting only. Anybody wishing to attend the meeting, and regular festive board, should book with the Lodge Secretary 26th June.

Details of a rearranged social evening will be circulated in due course.

Last September I was fortunate to attend a concert featuring Sharon and John, the latter affectionately known as the Provincial Foot Stool, which was held at Greenhead Masonic Hall. John has endeared himself to his fellow Mark Masons with his enthusiasm and commitment, both of which were on display;  he and Sharon gave a varied programme lasting over two hours. 

All who attended were looking forward to the next offering, the opportunity is here, a Musical delight on Tuesday, 2nd July. I know that I have said this before but we are very fortunate in Mark Masonry to have quality entertainers in our midst who give their time and talent freely for good causes. You would have have had to pay much more, minimum £25 without food, were it a commercial venture.

The flyer for the event is attached from which you will see that a Buffet supper will be available, cost is very modest at £14 for Adults and £7 for children. It will be preceded a Lodge meting but this will be of short duration, essential matters only, and casual dress is permitted but if you are to attend the Lodge meeting, regalia is required.

No one wants Sharon and John wondering if sufficient will turn up, so send your booking form in now, relax and look forward as I will, to an entertaining evening, albeit in far flung Bottoms.

To Book for this amazing event please use the form link below.

booking form no longer available, as the event has been postponed.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager