Bradford & District Installed Masters Association A.G.M. Wednesday 11th May 2022

Zoom has been an immense help as we know but, it was great to get back together for a ’proper’ A.G.M. at long last. The Masonic Hall, Bingley was the venue.  A smaller group than normal with Brethren understandably still being cautious. It did not detract from the happy and jovial event as everyone greeted each other, ordered drinks and sat down to dinner. Chatter continued throughout and then it was on to the major business of the evening. 

The President Worshipful Brother Stuart Prince welcomed the distinguished guests the Deputy Provincial Grand Master Very Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield and Very Worshipful Brother Trevor Bolton Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master and all the Brethren. Minutes of the last meeting together with the secretaries’ report and the treasurers report were then given, which were all confirmed and accepted.

W.Bro. Stuart then gave his address saying despite covid and the rocky road it presented he had thoroughly enjoyed his three years as President and it had been a warm and special time especially as he had been given good support, giving special mention to St.Hiev Lodge of M.M.M No.1079 and the L.D.I.M.A. saying Brethren you know who you are!  It was now time to reenergise and move forward once again. 

If every Lodge representative took at least a plus one with them and the Lodges holding the three Presidencies gave their representative great support just look how further forward, we can be. £500 had been given to Grand Lodge for an emergency appeal and a further £1400 was planned to support the Festival Finale in June 2023.  Closing saying it had been an honour to hold the Presidency.

Election of officers for 2022/23 then took place as follows:

President – Worshipful Brother Sam Cariss, White Rose Lodge No.1067

Senior Vice President Worshipful Brother Ken Hill St. Hiev Lodge No.1079

Junior Vice President – Worshipful Brother Philip Harrison Old York Lodge T.I.

Brother Mark Simmons was appointed as secretary and W. Bro.Stuart as treasurer. 

The President, Senior Vice President and Junior Vice President were then invested and presented with their collars. That is apart from poor W.Bro. Ken, as the outgoing President had left his collar at home! No doubt he will be presented with it in due course. W. Bro.Sam then stood and thanked all for their confidence shown in him.  He was really looking forward to it but with some trepidation! He promised to visit and get around the District as much as possible and, was fully committed to build on the magnificent work done by W. Bro.Stuart, he and all of us certainly owed W. Bro.Stuart that.

Dates were then set for the next A.G.M.- Wednesday 10th May 2023 and a Sunday lunch 26th March 2023. Account examiners to be the Senior and Junior Vice Presidents and this was confirmed the Brethren. A £50 donation was also confirmed for the Provincial yearbook.  W.Bro. Ken then gave a vote of thanks to everyone for attending.Thanked those for all the hard work they had done and continued to do mentioning W. Bro.Stuart, Bro. Mark and of course for his years of services Worshipful Brother Tony Breckon.

V.W.Bro.Alan then addressed the meeting. Firstly, bringing congratulations and very best wishes to all those appointed from The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master James Steggles G.M.R.A.C. He went on to say how important and valuable all the Installed Masters Associations are and what great benefits they can bring to us all.  The Associations are for all of us not just Installed Masters. Please encourage all your members to support their Association. He then talked about our fantastic Provincial meeting from only a few weeks ago and how it was perhaps considered the best venue of all the Provincial meetings held. Some changes were necessary to get the dining to match the splendour of the meeting and steps had quickly been taken to ensure that dining at The Midland Hotel just six minutes down the road from the Provincial meeting had been secured.  Stating that buses were to be provided free of charge and would give easy access to all. Please support this new venture. It will make what is always a magnificent day even better. 

With that the raffle was drawn which raised £80 again going towards the Festival and sending home four happy people. The President W.Bro. Sam then closed the meeting hoping to see us all again very soon.

W.Bro. Andrew Johnson P.Prov. G.S.W.

Communications Manager