Bradford Deaf Children’s Society

The Bradford Deaf Children’s Society were so pleased to have been awarded a grant of £2000, they arranged a special party to show their appreciation. What a moving experience this turned out to be! The presentation party consisted of W. Bro. John Clough Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. Stephen Wood, Charity Member, W. Bro. Terry Dudley and W. Bro. Trevor Bolton, both Trustees, W. Bro. Brian Reeve and W. Bro. Stephen Ackroyd.

The welcome and presentation were given the Society children confidently despite their disabilities.

The way the children supported each other was an inspiration to us all. The grant will go towards their outings and from the evidence we saw will make a real difference.

One spin-off from our visit. Stephen Ackroyd was even “persuaded” into being Santa at their Christmas party, no padding, or stick-on the beard for him!!!