Bradford and Districts Installed Masters Association, A.G.M. 2017

The 35th Annual General Meeting of the Bradford and District Installed Masters Association was held on Wednesday, the 10th of May at Cleckheaton Masonic Hall with 21 present. This was a disappointing attendance, particularly given the high profile attached to the Installed Masters Associations over the past few years.

This was commented upon the retiring President, Worshipful Brother Andrew Johnson who had visited widely, attending all the Lodges in his I.M.A. and around the Province where he was please to say he had received support from other members of the Association. Sad to say, these were normally the same faces and what had been missing was the attendance of Masters in the Chair, their Wardens and Brethren. It has to be stressed that it is an obligation you accept in becoming the Worshipful Master of a Lodge that you are the face of the Lodge and have a duty to represent your Lodge at Installations, I.M.A. meetings and Lodge visits and the Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of the Province of West Yorkshire, Saturday, 7th April 2018, something the P.G.M. reiterated in his address. Equally sad to say, I said the same thing in last year’s report, it would be nice if I did not have to repeat it next year!!


The meeting had been opened the President, W. Bro. Andrew and he eventually welcomed the Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother James Steggles G.M.R.A.C. and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Richard Boswell Puttrell.  The usual formalities had then been despatched including obituaries. Sadly this included Worshipful Brother Colin Bullock who was a committed Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Mason, visited widely, including other Provinces; a competent ritualist who would readily volunteer, he will be missed.


The retiring President W. Bro. Andrew then appointed the Senior Vice President as his successor, the full team being;

President, W .Bro. David Howe,

Senior Vice President, W. Bro. Keith Berry, unfortunately unable to be present due to illness,

Junior Vice President. W. Bro. Stuart Prince.

The Secretary and Treasurer, Worshipful Brother Tony Breckon, was re-appointed as was the Assistant Secretary Worshipful Brother Graham Cooper. The latter was unable to be present due to illness and we all wish W. Bro. Graham a speedy and successful recovery. At his juncture I must point out that it had become clear  that a new office had been created, that of Seconder in Chief  because for very proposition, W. Bro. Edward arose like a ‘Jack in the Box’ to second, quite often doing a repeat. This so impressed the P.G.M. that he appointed him Provincial Seconder, bear that in mind Brethren as W. Bro. Edward visits you as Provincial Junior Warden.


R.W.Bro Jim began his address congratulating the President and his new team and wishing them a happy and productive year. He then reminded Brethren of the impending retirement of Most Worshipful Brother Richard Victor Wallis, the Pro. Grand Master to be replaced the current Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Raymond John Smith and he, the present Assistant Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother John Herbert Prizeman. The latter will be succeeded the present Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Leicester and Rutland, Right Worshipful Brother Steven Davidson.  Promises to be a very busy day for all concerned at the Grand Lodge Investiture meeting on the 13th June Well worth a visit and places may still be available for Dinner at the Freemason Arms along with our Friends from North and East. He also emphasised that he wished to see a significant reduction in the use of Ritual books in our Ceremonies, we thoroughly enjoy our Mark Masonry but we must work hard as well as the play hard.


Finally, Worshipful Brother Keith Robinson who now heads the 250 Club Committee spoke. He confirmed that Mark Lodges can become members, something to consider, and that 50% of all proceeds are paid out in prizes. The remaining 50% is now allotted to the Sesquicentennial Celebrations in 2012, thereafter the West Yorkshire Mark Benevolent Fund Festival 2023.  Some dates for your diaries:

20th September at Fearnley Lodge of M.M.M., Investiture of new Rulers, invitation only.

29th October, Festival Sunday Lunch at Greenhead Masonic Hall.

26th November, Xmas Fayre at Greenhead Masonic hall.

10th December, Xmas Carol Concert, Brighouse,

As always, be happy and enjoy your Mark Masonry,

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager