Appointments to Mark Grand Rank 2016

At the Grand Lodge Annual Investiture meeting in London on 7th June 2016 the Most Worshipful Grand Master will be pleased to conferred Grand Rank to the following Brethren of our Province.

First Appointment to Acting Rank:

W. Bro. James Stanley Grand Steward Gothic Lodge 1018


First Appointment to Past Rank:

W. Bro. James Ian Reynolds P.A.G.D.C. Escafeld Lodge 1139
W. Bro. Graham Anthony Cooper P.A.G.D.C Bronte Lodge 535
W. Bro. Alan David Hines P.A.G.Swd.B. Dartmouth Lodge 545
W. Bro. Graham Fisher P.G.St.B. Pudsey Lodge 658


Promotions to Past Rank:

W. Bro. Phillip Raymond Mann P.G.J.O. Pontefract Lodge 878
W. Bro. John Robert Parker P.G.S.D. Lightcliffe Lodge 715
W. Bro. Gerald Anthony Granville Barker P.G.S.D. St.Chad Lodge 374
W. Bro. Jack Acton P.G.J.D. St. Hieve Lodge 1079
W.Bro. Phillip Keats Taylor P.G.J.D. Castle Lodge 1257
W.Bro. Philip Oldfield P.G.J.D. Fearnley Lodge 58

Re Appointment to Acting Rank direct from Grand Lodge of M.M.M.

W. Bro. John Edward Vause D.G.D.C Haywra Lodge 525


I am sure that you will want to convey your own personal congratulations to these Brethren on their preferment.