Another Advancement at Legiolium Lodge of MMM No.  457, their success knows no bounds

A good number of visitors, including a delegation from Copley Lodge of MMM No. 111. joined the Brethren of Legiolium Lodge on Wednesday, 25th May to witness the Advancement of Brother Andrew Scarfe, the fourth Ceremony for the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Paul Brunner and his team. Special mention for Worshipful Brother Tony Williams, Secretary and Senior Deacon, phenomenal performance, keep in mind they only meet three times a year and have another candidate in the wings.

The Lodge was opened in due form when Brethren took time to reflect upon the sad loss of the Assistant Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Stephen Davison, an inspirational leader and a very sad loss to Freemasonry, especially the Mark Degree. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and attention turned to the next item on the Agenda, the Advancement of Bro. Andrew.

The administration detail completed, Bro. Andrew entered the Lodge under the guidance of the Senior Deacon, W.Bro. Tony, assisted Brother Christian Powell, acting Junior Deacon. He was obligated in fine style W.Bro. Paul, the Overseers then undertaking their duties in a most confident manner,. W.Bro. Fred Knowles, Master Overseer most authoritative in his directions. W.Bro. Noel Roberts delivered the Signs and Secrets in a very competent fashion whereupon Bro. Andrew was invested with the Badge and Jewel of a Mark Master Mason W.Bro. Martyn Hughes, the meaning and significance been explained W.Bro. Noel Roberts, both in fine style. That left W.Bro. Harry Stogdale to present and explain the Working Tools of the Degree and W.Bro. Martyn to complete the Ceremony rendering the Conclusion address, again both in good order. Finally, further good new a Proposition for a new member  to be admitted, perhaps a special meeting for the Lodge? Fitting that we had also witnessed W.Bro. Tony presenting the Grand Lodge Certificate to Bro. Chris Powell.

The Festive Board was of the usual, high quality we have become used to and the Toasts were then submitted; that to the W.M. W.Bro Martyn, congratulating him on another Ceremony.  W.Bro Paul was happy that the Lodge was now in a progressive phase, long may it continue.   The Toast to the Candidate was in the hands of his Proposer, W.Bro. Nigel, who said that Bro. Andrew was a committed Freemason and he had no doubt that his enthusiasm would be an asset to the Lodge. In response Bro. Andrew thanked the ‘Team’ for a brilliant Ceremony, particularly the Deacons, and said that he was looking forward to a long and happy association with Mark Masonry. 

Last but not least, the Toast to the visitors was given one of its newest Members, Bro. Chris who thanked all those attending and making it a night to remember for Bro. Andrew and the members of the Lodge. In response Bro. Nigel Norris of Copley Lodge congratulated Bro. Andrew and the Brethren of the Lodge for a most pleasant evening, good company and that they were all were looking forward to their next visit to the Masonic Hall in Castleford.

A wonderful evening where all who took part can be justifiably proud. Magic of the Mark at work again.

V.W. Bro. Duncan Smith, PGJO.