“and its Districts and Lodges Overseas”

I am not alone as a Brother in this Province who joined Freemasonry abroad. I became a Freemason in Livingstone , Zambia in 1980. My Mother Craft Lodge is Victoria Falls No 5327 EC, my Chapter, Victoria Falls N0 5327 and my Mark Lodge , you guessed it, Victoria Falls No 912 , back in the 1930’s they obviously lacked a bit of imagination when it came to naming their Lodges. I also became a member of the Scottish Lodge which met there with a refreshingly different name, Lodge David Livingstone No 1321, well it had to be didn’t it ? There were only 3 Mark Lodges in Zambia at the time, the others being Kafue No 1212 and Itawa No 1442 up on the Copperbelt, so we were not large enough to have a District and still don’t. You will find these and some other overseas Lodges in the Grand Lodge Year Book in the “unattached section”.  

On a visit to Gilkirke Mark Lodge many years ago l met several visitors from Keep Mark Lodge No 911 in the Province of East Lanc’s. I told them my Mark Lodge was 912 and asked them to guess where it was. Needless to say they were amazed.

So the next time you hear the words “and its Districts and Lodges Overseas” you will know that there is at least one Brother who will be smiling.

V W Bro John Clough