A very large chunk of ‘Deja Vu’ at Truth Lodge Of Mark Master Masons No. 137

Thursday, 15th November 2018 and the installation of the Worshipful Master for the ensuing year took place at the Lodge of Truth Mark Master Masons No. 137 at Greenhead Masonic Hall. This was much how it happened five years earlier when Worshipful Brother Graham Daniel took the hot seat. The Installing Master was Worshipful Brother Richard Brooke, and yes it was the same again, a shorter ceremony but beautifully handled W.Bro. Richard.

The Lodge had been opened in due form W.Bro.Richard after which the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Trevor Bolton was admitted, accompanied Worshipful Brother Mark Kenyon, Elected member of the Charity Committee together with an appropriate Escort, all under the guidance of Worshipful Brother Charles Lindsay, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. Having placed W.Bro.Graham in the Chair and dealt with the minor details, W.Bro. Richard relied on his Past Master colleagues and was not disappointed. The Working Tools were presented and explained W.Bro. John Bramley; The Key Stone Collaret with reference to its provenance and importance as part of the Lodge furniture W.Bro.Walter Pell and the Lodge festival Grand Patron Collaret W.Bro. Philip Dunn.

Appointment and Investiture of Officers suitably despatched the Addresses were then superbly presented by:

Worshipful Master ​​​​W.Bro. Richard

Wardens​​​​​ W.Bro.John Bramley

Overseers​​​​​ W.Bro.Richard and

Brethren​​​​​ W,Bro, Trevor, APGM.

The remaining business undertaken , but with a special mention for W.Bro. George Foster, the Almoner, a most comprehensive report indicative of the very caring man he is, well done W.Bro.George, all adjourned.The Festive Board was a delight prompting many reminiscences of the delights of Mothers Stew and Dumplings,  I am sure that I will be at Greenhead again this Masonic year, hope that they are on the menu then.

Toasts then proceeded wit that to the Province, commonly the crawlers toast, submitted W.Bro . Andrew Taylor, crawling not on the agenda , he is already there.  He affirmed that the Provincial officers are the back bone of a Lodge who are there at meetings because they want to attend not because they have to attend. This was acknowledged in his response Trevor who drew attention to a new Lodge, to be known as the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge which is to be established in 2019. As its name indicates it will be for those who have held the Office of Provincial Grand Steward, the Senior Officers will be selected the PGM who will then select the Junior Warden in future years, it will have two meetings per annum.. Full details will be sent out before the year end, if you qualify and are interested , put your name forward. In addition Worshipful Brother Richard Puttrell will, next year, undertake a Perimeter Perambulation’. The route will take in the Masonic Halls at Pontefract, Castleford, Wetherby, Knaresborough, Ripon, Barnoldswick, Bottoms, Uppermill, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Thorne and Goole, these being those on the periphery of the Province. This will involve thirteen days of walking along footpaths, bridle ways and some roads bringing the total of miles covered to approximately 230 mile. If you are interested in joining him for any part of this mammoth effort, contact details are on he web site.

The Toast to the Charities was ably discharged W.Bro. Philip Dunn , the response I the hands of W.Bro. Mark who emphasised that the MBF fund mainly national causes whilst the Cleeves and Whitehead  is the ‘go to’ Charity locally; bear in mind it is unique and provides a very quick response. Sadly, despite numerous exhortations, the number of Brethren donating  regular standing order remains stubbornly at 28%, please give this some thought. The JW, Bro. Roger welcomed all the visitors  and warmly expressed the hope that they would return. This was echoed W.Bro David Mann who congratulated the Officers on a job well done, a superb example of team work, it reminded him of Huddersfield Town AFC, Yorkshire’s only premier League club. I am only repeating what he said!!!

Finally a delight to see two Masters in the Chair present, W.Bro.Bev Heywood Peace681 and W.Bro.Alan Hampshire Beaumont 1523 together with W.Bro. Stephen Spooner, President of the Hudds, Halifax IMA, he is certainly flying the flag as President.  

Smile, be happy, we are all Mark Master Masons