A ‘Two Off’ at Cleeves Lodge of M.M.M. No. 618

A rare occurrence at Cleeves Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 618 at their meeting on Wednesday 21st September. What I hear you say?, well the Advancement of two Brethren at the same meeting, not as rare as the English football team making it to the Semi Final of a major Championship but that is for another time. The meeting was opened in due form the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Phillip Glover and the first major agenda item was a Ballot. I could have entitled this piece a ‘one off’ but that would have been wrong, The ballot proved positive and at their next meeting, a double Advancement will happen again, congratulations Cleeves I have not come across that for years, unless of course someone can tell me different!!

The Advancement Ceremony for Brothers Lee Reynolds and Richard Wyatt was then conducted W. Bro. Phillip leading from the front and setting the example for his officers to follow. In this respect they gave him their full support, none more than Worshipful Brother Brian Short presenting the ‘Signs and Secrets’ and the Senior Deacon, Brother Steven Hides. His conduct of the candidates, with the assistance of Worshipful brother Tony McGrath, was exemplary. No surprise to me though, he is a member of the Southern demonstration team, a star of the future. Overall, an excellent Advancement of which all who contributed can be justly proud and which both Brothers Reynolds and Wyatt were impressed.



They having taken their seats in the Lodge, the Agenda moved to the Almoners report, professionally delivered for the first time the Almoner, Bro. Steven Hides. This was a delight for it is unusual for someone of his age and experience to take on the role, sad to say many do not see it as the road to promotion. It is however, based upon our precepts, one of the most important Officers in Freemasonry focusing on the health and wellbeing of Brethren, there is nothing more important than that!! The remaining agenda items duly despatched, the Lodge was closed in due form and all adjourned for the Festive Board,

I have to report that for me and those around me, the Festive Board was well received and I hope that we have seen an end to the issues that pertained last year. The Toasts were dealt their respective Proposers. Brother Tom Oates had met Bro. Wyatt in the Army and recalled that when on Guard duty he had been known as ‘wet weather Wyatt’. After the Army he became a teacher, he still lives in Leeds, travelling to Sheffield for his Freemasonry, that is what I call keen. In his response, Bro. Richard said that he had enjoyed the ceremony and looked forward to many years in Mark Masonry.


Bro. Reynolds toast was in the hands of Worshipful Brother Brian Short who had been very happy to propose such a committed and conscientious Mason who would be a credit to the Lodge. In his response, Bro. Lee said that he had felt at a low point in the Ceremony, we all know what that is, of walking off the ‘Site’, now there is a thought.


In the light of the fact that there are six mark Masons Lodges in Tapton and 13 in the South Yorkshire Association of Installed Masters, it was once again a very big disappointment that only 1, yes 1 out of 13, was present to witness the ceremony. It is a clear obligation for every Worshipful Master when he takes the Chair is to represent his Lodge around the Association, that is what I call a gentle reminder. Next Meeting of Cleeves is Wednesday, 16th November, another double Advancement.

Smile, be happy and enjoy your Mark masonry.


W.Bro. Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.