A thank you from the PGM


On May 6, the West Yorkshire Walk team, including myself, will be taking part in a unique event organised our national charity, The Mark Benevolent Fund.  The team and I have been taking the opportunity to speak about the event at Festive Boards and now I would imagine that almost every Mark Mason from our Province is aware of it.

Those of you who use Facebook will probably also be aware of the incredibly generous donation of £2,500 made on Friday 27 January.  This anonymous donation, made using the MBFs online portal, left myself and the Walk team speechless with gratitude and to the unknown donor, we send our heartfelt thanks.

This sentiment also extends to the many Brethren and their wives and families who have also made donations.  These individual efforts, made in good faith and in proportion to their abilities, are no less important and I am keen to assure you all that they are very much appreciated, whatever the amount.

Please continue to support me and the team as the big day approaches.  The online giving portal is easy to use and enables your giving to be gift aided, accumulated for your MBF honourifics and allocated to our 2023 Festival total, all with a few clicks of a mouse.  In addition, we have recently been given the go ahead to use an offline sponsor form for this event which also allows all of the above for those Brethren who have not yet fully embraced the digital culture we now live in.

So, in conclusion, my thanks to the unknown giver and thank you to everyone who has already, and those who will support us in raising funds for the Mark Charity Walk 2017.

Jim Steggles