A Taylor made evening at the Old York Lodge of Mark Master Masons T.I.

A warm welcome the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Stuart Taylor and the Brethren of Old York Lodge of Mark Master Masons T.I. to all the visitors who turned up on Tuesday 23 February for an Advancement.

The ‘Lucky Man’, Brother David Michael Ryland, a Member of the Lodge of Hope No. 302 with which Old York have connection going back to 1751 (is that right Edward?), Bro. David did not look that old!. As ever the opening formalities were readily despatched but I should note that in the minutes of the previous meeting there was a reference to singing. This was in respect of the singing of the opening ode which had reminded Worshipful Brother Edward Wilkinson of a recent visit to Sydney Opera House! One can only conclude that he was referring to the Street Buskers

Old York 1

The wife of the Worshipful Master, Sharon Taylor was ill, from which I hope that she is now recovered, and it is to his credit that he was present. Whilst referring to his notes, he performed the ceremony of advancement admirably, particularly the Obligation. He was well supported his Officers, none more so than the Secretary, W.Bro. Edward who dealt with the Signs and Secrets and W.Brother Alan Pendleton who wrapped up proceedings with the conclusion. Old York T.I., as its name implies, is a Lodge of some history and an explanation was given to Brother Ryland Worshipful Brother Michael Holgate. I have heard this a number of times before Brethren, if you have not, get yourself to Old York T. I., it is somewhat unique and worth hearing.

Old York 2

One of the features of Old York T.I. is that it contains the infamous ‘Ant and Dec’ duo, W.Bro. Edward Wilkinson and W.Bro. Andrew Johnson. I have considered for some time that these cut lonely figures and should be joined two of their counterparts. This was discussed with W.Bro. Edward and frankly it did not take us long to make a decision.

Please welcome ‘HINGE and BRACKET’, known to us all as W.Bro Andrew Jagger and W.Bro. Michael Holgate. Hinge and Bracket were the stage personae of Patrick Fyffe and George Logan respectively. Their characters represented their originators with Dame Hilda Bracket a lively, flamboyant seeker of the limelight with a comical degree of bossiness. In contrast, Dr. Evadne Hinge was a reserved, intellectual with a modest almost apologetic demeanour.  Who is who, I will leave the reader to work it out but I cannot wait for them to do an impression at Old York Lodge T.I. How about that for a fundraising event for the West Yorkshire Mark Benevolent Fund Festival 2023, the room would be packed out!

old york 3

Back to the meeting, a most enjoyable evening was rounded off a delightful Festive Board during which we learned that Bro. Ryland is a member of 3 Craft Lodges, Chapter and Knights Templar. He, however, was now delighted that he had reached the lofty heights of a Mark Master Mason and I have no doubt that he will be a most committed and enthusiastic member of Old York T.I. Another superb evening of Mark Master Masonry, I do consider myself very lucky to be amongst such a fine body of men, oh what am I saying!


Smile, be happy, you are all Mark Master Masons as well.

Bro. Duncan Smith P.G.S.D