A Surprise at Integrity Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.110

Thursday, 24th November and the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Frank Milner opened the Lodge in due form and at the appointed hour. The usual formalities completed W. Bro. Frank then announced that he had received a communication that he wished to read out in open Lodge.

It transpired that this related to the Acting Director of Ceremonies, Worshipful Brother Derek Walsh and referred to the fact that he had been offered, and had accepted, the offer of his first appointment in the Province of Cheshire, that of Provincial Grand Junior Warden, yes you read it right, his First Appointment in that Province where he resides. The Provincial Meeting is to take place in Ellesmere Port on Saturday, 18th March when it is the intention of a number of Integrity Brethren to attend, anyone wishing to join us, please let me know.

The Brethren were then treated to a most interesting and informative lecture on the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust / Mark Benevolent fund Worshipful Brother Ian Yates, Elected member of the Charity Executive. When he had concluded W. Bro. Ian then took the floor and Invested Worshipful Brother Ian Storey with a Patron Collaret and Worshipful Brother Russell Jones with that of Grand Patron.

The remaining agenda items covered, W. Bro. Miner proceeded to close the Lodge. At that moment that the visiting Masters were required to give greetings, to the delight of all present SIX, yes Six stood to attention, for the record they being as follows;

W.Bro. James Ambler           Escafeld No. 1139.

W.Bro. Phillip Glover             Cleeves No. 618

W.Bro. Peter Eville                Lascelles No. 887.

W.Bro. Simon Green             Britannia No. 53.

W.Bro. Graham Littlewood    Vulcan No.1191 and finally

W.Bro. Jim Smith        `         Scarsdale No. 259 in the Province of Derbyshire.

In total 7 masters in the Chair under the one roof. Most certainly the first time I have seen that number for many a year, perhaps the tide has turned and more Masters in the Chair will be in evidence around the Province. It does of course send out a challenge to the other Associations; can you match this at one of your meetings? If you can let me know and I will be there to record it for the web site, it would be a great pleasure.

A truly memorable Mark Master Masons occasion.


Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager