A special night for Haywra Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 525, 5th November 2019

Well, not just for Brother Nigel Dyson, the Master Elect but also for the Representative of the Provincial Grand Master, see later. The Lodge firstly received a Eulogy in respect of W.Bro.Gerald Bickerdike. given in very warm and sincere tones Brother Tim Wilkinson and the brethren stood in respect of departed merit.

The Lodge was then opened in due form the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Andrew Darling, the Minutes were confirmed and the Accounts were received. A report then heralded the arrival of the Dep. Prov.G.D.C., W.Bro. Andrew Brown who advised that the Personal Representative of the PGM, Worshipful Brother John Vause, Prov.G.D.C., his Boss, together with Worshipful  Brother Mark Kenyon, Elected member of the Charity Committee was without and wished to be admitted.  This was agreed and W.Bro.John was warmly welcomed the W.M. for his first visit to the Lodge in this capacity, he is a Member of Haywra Lodge of MMM, and it is only the third time that I can recall this happening. W.Bro. John acknowledged the welcome saying that it was an undiluted pleasure to be present.

Bro.Nigel was then presented W.Bro. Philip Ireland, the necessary questions posed and appropriate answers given following which all the Officers were thanked for their support in the past year at which point those below the rank of an Installed Master retired for a short time. An Installed Board was established and Andrew obligated his successor in immaculate form, followed Signs and Secrets, and placed in the Chair, No ritual book in sight and only a rare prompt,  this continued when the Installed Board was closed and Brethren admitted when W.Bro. Nigel was Proclaimed the Worshipful Master of the Haywra Lodge of MMM. No. 525.

W.Bro. Ian Mackenzie explained the Working Tools,, polished and professional with Andrew then winding up proceedings with the transfer of the Warrant, Constitutions and regulations, Bye laws, Keystone Collarette and Grand Patron Charity Collarette.  An exemplary display all. The officers for the ensuing year were then Appointed and Invested, the only surprise W.Bro. Anthony Smith retiring as Secretary, congratulations upon a job well done .

The Addresses were submitted as follows;

Worshipful Master ​​​W.Bro. Roy Schofield,

Wardens​​​​​ W.Bro. Ian Mackenzie,

Overseers​​​​ W.Bro. Bob Boyd and

Brethren​​​​​ W.Bro, John Vause

all as impressive as those who had gone before.

No rest for the wicked when W.Bro. John Vause rose again to present the Past Masters Jewel to W.Bro. Andrew, very well deserved for a successful year in Office, The remaining agenda items were then swiftly despatched and the Lodge duly closed. All adjourned for suitable sustenance where upon the Toasts were submitted. 

That to the Province eloquently put W.Bro. Roy Schofield  thanking the Provincial Grand Officers for all the support that they provide and their advice and direction, particularly to young members, Suitably obsequious, it should stand him in good stead down the line. Replying W.Bro. John emphasised the wish of the PGM that we should all endeavour to learn the Ritual and dispense with the Book; as he said ‘put the work in and you will reap the rewards’ He also recommended visiting other Lodges not only do you learn a lot but you make Mark Masonic friends for life.  A reminder was then given regarding the major Charity event next year, that being the Mark Masonic Cycle Challenge 2020. Full details are on the web site. Perhaps give thought to supporting particular riders those, if any, from your own Lodge. A particular date for your diary, the Sesquicentenary of the Province in 2022, The meeting will be held on Saturday the 7th of August, one not to miss.

The Toast to the Charities was then in the hands of W.Bro. Bob Boyd who left the floor clear for W.Bro. Mark to bring the Lodge up to date.  He confirmed that the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust was in good heart and continuing to fully discharge its obligations inherent in the Trust Deed, The Mark Benevolent Fund has made a number of major grants recently that have touched our Province. This is possible because of the Festivals, these are the major income stream for the MBF and enable it to support  investments such as that for Ambulances and support vehicles for St John Ambulance. Two cheques were presented, one from the Lodge for £525 ad another for £400 in memory of John’s Mother, Mrs Margaret Vause.

I usually comment upon visiting Masters, on this occasion there was one, unfortunately W.Bro. Charles Drury of Escafeld Lodge, who is also the Junior Warden at Haywra, not really a visiting Master. Hence a poor turn out the remainder of the Leeds Association of Installed Masters. Maybe try harder next time?

Another night of Mark Masonry at its best, happy memories, well worth the journey.Smile and be happy.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager