A Snappy performance the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust

With the economic gloom over the Country for the majority of the past seven years, there has been little, if no, scope for the Trustees of the charity to entertain any requests for outside assistance. Given the improving situation over the past two years, they have continued to evaluate proposals and found the SNAPS Charity worthy of assistance.

Snaps  was formed in March 2004 with the objective of providing information, support and learning resources for children and adults with special needs , their parents and carers in the Yorkshire area. Originally 6 families were involved, this has now risen to 200 and numerous projects and services are now being undertaken. They run hydrotherapy and swimming lessons, dance and movement with a number of one off sessions such as sing and sign, details can be found on their web site, www.snaps-vol.org.uk. Obviously this requires a deal of money and Fund raising is paramount; especially as they now employ their own Physiotherapists, swim instructor, life guard, dance instructor, all supervised a Manager and an Assistant.


After due consideration, the Trustees agreed to provide a donation of £2000 which was presented the Provincial Grand charity Steward and a Trustee, Worshipful Brother Trevor Bolton to Anne Gait, the instigator of Snaps. Please see Photo above, W. Bro. Trevor is the one with the beard dressed in his work clothes