A Proclamation at Copley Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 111

The Installation of Worshipful Brother David M. Wadeley took place on 15 March at The Allerton way of Proclamation as he is to undertake another year. Nothing new there I hear you say but this was the first time many of us had seen the suggested ritual, provided the Province, executed; copies can be obtained from the Provincial Grand Secretary.

Copley A

The Worshipful Master had professionally dealt with the opening procedures, including a ballot for a new Member, when a report was taken. This was to admit the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Richard Boswell Puttrell, accompanied Worshipful Brother John Wilberforce, he prefers me using his full name, Ashcroft, Representative of the Charity Committee.

Copley B

The Proclamation was very smoothly and effortlessly undertaken under the control of the Director of Ceremonies, Worshipful Brother C. John Mitchell. It was clear from the outset that a deal of effort had been put in to practicing the procedure which appeared flawless, congratulations to all involved. W.Bro. Wadeley then appointed and invested his Officers for the next year where it was a delight to see two ‘junior’ brethren take on significant roles. Firstly Brother Lewis Sandler became Chaplain, replacing his father, W.Bro. John Sadler followed Brother Lance Johnson, a Chartered Accountant, as Treasurer, both have been Mark Masons for a very short time.

Copley C

The Festive Board was a credit to the catering staff and enjoyed all. Brother John Crutcher proposed the toast to the Province in a very sincere fashion and this was acknowledged the Deputy Provincial Grand Master in his response. W.Bro. Puttrell emphasised that it was a responsibility for Masters in the Chair to visit their sister Lodges in their Installed Masters Association. Hopefully this will not fall upon deaf ears but I have to report that once again I have been present at an Installation where not a single visiting Master attended!  In respect of the West Yorkshire Mark Benevolent Fund Festival, he provided some clarity in respect of Donations. Personal Donations which can attract Gift Aid, must be made to the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust who can reclaim the tax portion, 25% of the amount you donate, this equates to 20% tax back on the gross donation. Lodge donations, from fund raising events, collections, sale of goods etc., go directly to the Festival account.

Copley A

In respect of Charity, the Lodge made a significant donation on the night which was gratefully received W. Bro. Ashcroft. He reminded Brethren that we are all Almoners and have a duty to be mindful of our Brethren, Whilst the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust continues to respond very swiftly, in a number of instances it would have been very beneficial if the information had come forward much earlier. Many of our Brethren are proud people and shy away from asking. it is incumbent upon all of us to be aware and, in any doubt, call in the Almoner or visit yourself. The Llandudno Holiday will again take place this year but at a new venue. This holiday is only available to Brethren and dependants who are physically independent. Those who do not fall within that category are not ignored and can be provided for at a more appropriate facility in Bridlington. If in doubt consult the Provincial Almoner whose number is on the Summons, or should be, it is 01924 363361

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Another excellent Mark evening, I seem to be saying that a lot at present.
W.Bro. Duncan Smith P.S.G.D.