A Presidential visit to Fearnley Lodge of M.M.M. No. 58.

Time seemed to be resetting at Fearnley Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 58 as, for the second time under the leadership of Worshipful Brother Rod Dyer, they performed an excellent advancement ceremony and, once again, in the company of some of the great and good of West Yorkshire.

This time it was Brother Stephen Broadbent’s turn, a Past Master in the Kirklees Craft Lodge, No. 4710, that meets in the same building as Fearnley Lodge of M.M.M. No. 58 at King Street, Mirfield.  He is well known to the Brethren as a Mason who puts in 100% without question and is a go-to guy when you want something done.  He sounds like a Mark Mason to me and if he plays his cards right, a Royal Ark Mariner in the fullness of time.

Witnessing the ceremony were no less than three of the four I.M.A. Presidents, Worshipful Brother John Madigan, Huddersfield, Halifax and Districts I.M.A., Worshipful Brother Keith Harmer, Leeds and District I.M.A. and Worshipful Brother Alex Geddes, South Yorkshire A.I.M. The attendance of all three was apparently purely fortuitous in that they had not spoken about it previously, pity that Worshipful Brother Andrew Johnson, President of the Bradford and District I.M.A. was not there, it could have been a full house. The latter has occurred numerous times over the years bit it would be a delight if it could be organised again, please let me know if it take place as I would do my very best to attend and place detail on the web site. They were joined Very Worshipful Brother John F Clough, Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master and Worshipful Brother John Vause, Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies and our own Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

The Lodge took the opportunity to add to the 2023 MBF Festival total handing over a cheque to their member of the Elected Charity Seven, a fine body of men, Worshipful Brother John Ashcroft.  In passing on the cheque, the Treasurer said that it may be usual to hang on to monies until the Installation meeting but Charity money in a bank helps nobody and it was better in the MBF’s hands carrying on their good work.  The donation ensured Fearnley Lodge of M.M.M. No. 58 Grand Patron status, well done, onward and upward.

Downstairs in the festive board they had the usual festive fair of steak pie and chips, but there was also mince pies and cream for pudding so you can’t complain.

Worshipful Brother Chris Oldfield took the opportunity to talk about the MBF Mark Charity walk which will take place on May 6, 2017.  A national event organised the Mark Benevolent Fund and involving every Mark Province that wishes to take part. The fundraising is to be mainly the MBF online Portal but there was a sponsor form available for those not confident with online giving.  W Bro Oldfield asked the Brethren to take away a slip of paper that he had provided with the web address of the giving portal, to give as an individual and tick gift aid and select West Yorkshire as the Province to receive festival allocation.  Dead easy, and just in case they have lost it, here it is again.


The MBF Mark Charity Walk follows the route of the “Princess of Wales Memorial Walk” covering seven miles through four of the Royal Parks of London. The MBF hopes to raise over £100,000 through the event, which will be applied to enhance the excellent work they already do. On announcing that the Province would be fielding a team, the Provincial Grand Master said “this walk is a great opportunity for our Province to work hand in hand with the MBF. Coming as it does, early in our Festival period, it offers us a timely springboard for our Festival efforts.” The West Yorkshire walking team consists of the PGM himself, our DPGM Richard Puttrell, John Vause, Bob Corfield, representing the South of the Province, Paul Clarke, representing our strong links with the Craft and Chris Oldfield who will be promoting the event online and encouraging Brethren to support the PGM and the Province.

The whole thing was rounded off excellent toasts that were just long enough.  Just in case you thought it couldn’t get any better, in February they are doing another advancement.

Sounds a most enjoyable meeting which, unfortunately, I could not attend. I am very grateful, therefore, for the essence of this article which was provided Worshipful Brother Chris Oldfield.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager