A night of surprises at The Lascelles Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 887, April 2018

Why a surprise as the summons clearly stated that it was to join together to witness Brother Malcolm Roe  installed as the Worshipful Master the incumbent, Worshipful Brother Vic Fellows. Sadly Worshipful Brother Vic was indisposed, our best wishes to him and we trust that he soon returns to the Mark fold. This provided the surprise of seeing Worshipful Brother Peter Eville stepping into the breach, he has done this before Another very pleasant surprise was that Worshipful Brother James Ambler, a prolific visitor, Master of Escafeld Lodge of M.M.M. No1139 and Worshipful Brother Keith Payling of Cleeves Lodge of M.M.M. N.618 were also present. I seldom see two current Worshipful Masters visiting in the present climate at Tapton, perhaps I will see three at Vulcan Lodge of M.M.M. No.1191 on the 23rd April!! 

The opening procedures complete, Provincial Assistant Director of Ceremonies, Worshipful Brother Craig Bannister formed an escort and Worshipful Brother Trevor Bolton, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, was admitted accompanied Worshipful Brother John Maxwell, Elected member of the Charity Committee and Worshipful Brother James Newman who has now received promotion to Past Grand Junior Overseer which he will receive in June. Worshipful Brother Trevor was duly offered the gavel, said that he was lost for words  and added ‘ but as it was neither square nor’, you know where this is going, he had to refuse.

Worshipful Brother Peter then dealt with the Installation ceremony in an admirable fashion, confident and authoritative, with only the occasional prompt  The Tools were then explained Worshipful Brother Douglas Garner, this followed the Appointment and Investiture of the Officers for the year. The addresses were respectively delivered Worshipful Brother Peter to the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Douglas to the Wardens, Worshipful Brother Mark Marshall to the Overseers and, finally, that to the Brethren in the very capable hands of the  A.P.G.M. W Bro Trevor; a ceremony that all who took part can be justly proud and a credit to Mark Masonry.

The Festive Board was a credit to the caterers at Tapton, quality and quantity, past problems are now most assuredly behind them. Worshipful Brother Peter then proposed the Toast to the Province which he claimed was the sixth time he had this particular honour, they must find someone else next time, but he did find the right words saying that Provincial Officers, in his experience are the nicest, most committed, friendly men he has ever encountered, Honours beckon methinks. Worshipful Brother Trevor agreed with the sentiments and reminded the Brethren that the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting was on Saturday, 7th April and he trusted that as many a possible would attend to support the Provincial Grand Master.  He then briefly touched on the Second Northern Variety Show taking place on the 14th April, tickets are still available, and the Barge Pull taking place between the 2nd and 10th May from Barnoldswick to Leeds, the organisers are still seeking two teams to complete the event. See the web site for details  where you will also find Sponsorship forms and full details of the ‘ My Donate’ facility.

Worshipful Brother John Maxwell , in his response to the Toast to the Charities given Worshipful Brother Mark Flather, stressed that despite the support for the Festival, the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust retained sufficient resources to fulfil its obligations.  An Almoners Lunch will be held on Monday, 9th April and the Annual Holiday will take place in July to , a new venue, ‘The Inn on the Prom’ at Lytham. He then provided a useful update on the ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ Charity which is receiving significant assistance from the M.B.F. The seventh mobile chemotherapy unit has been delivered to Airedale Hospital to serve the outlying rural locations, principally in North Yorkshire, excellent news. 

The remaining Toasts dutifully despatched, all left at circa 9 p.m., when did that last happen at an Installation, many happy memories of another most enjoyable Mark Masonic occasion.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

 Communications Manager