A night of Memories for Worshipful Brother Brian Luccock

Another Mark Masonic occasion that all present will remember took place at The Old York Lodge Time Immemorial, Tuesday 24th November, none more so than the Brother we all came to see, W. Bro. Brian Luccock who completed 50 years to the day as a Mark Master Mason. Unfortunately the Worshipful Master W. Bro Richard Todd could not be present, nor at the appointed hour of 6.30 could his replacement, Worshipful Brother Michael Holgate, delayed in traffic. It was therefore left in the tender care of Worshipful Brother Andrew Jagger, aka Dame Hilda Bracket, to deal with the initial formalities and then pass the gavel to W. Bro Michael, aka Dr. Evadne Hinge, on his arrival.

Upon a report the Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother James Steggles, G.M.R.A.C., together with an appropriate escort, was admitted. Attention now turned to the Star of the evening, but initially R.W. Bro Jim reminded us of the year that W. Bro. Brian became a Mark Master Mason. Yes Brethren, the year, the only year, which England have won the world Cup but not the only time that Sheffield Wednesday, our P.G.M is a fan, got to Wembley and lost. Petrol cost 26p a gallon, a Ford Cortina under £700 and an average 3 bed semi £3,800.

W.Bro. Brian first became a Freemason at Scientific Craft Lodge in Bingley on the birthday of his Son, Graham who he recently initiated into Scientific Lodge, a proud moment for both. He took the Craft Chair in 1980 and is now Past Provincial Grand Registrar. Having been advanced into Old York T.I., he took the Chair in 1973, the Lodge Centenary and is now Past Grand Junior Deacon; note that he was an Acting Grand Junior Deacon in 2000, a singular honour. He joined Old York T.I. Royal Ark Mariner Lodge in 1977 and a quirk of fate became the 101st Worshipful Commander and therein both the Chairs of the Mark and R.A.M on their Centenaries, that will never happen again. He has always taken an interest in new members, long before the word mentoring came to the fore, and this was remembered in moving tributes from W. Bro. Mike Holgate and W. Bro. Ian Booth. The message being that he would take them under his wing, explain where necessary, encourage always and be there as and when required.

In his personal life he has been married to Betty for 56 years, given his Masonic involvement I wonder how much she has seen of him!!, they had three Children to which we can add 7 Grandchildren and 7 Great Grandchildren; all of which together with his Freemasonry keeps him very busy. Finally, W. Bro Brian was presented with his Grand Lodge Certificate W. Bro. Holgate and with his Provincial Grand Lodge Certificate R. W. Bro. James Steggles, the Provincial Grand Master, whereupon all retired for the Festive Board.

This provided W. Bro. Brian with another surprise because his Son, Graham, had been smuggled in and was present to enjoy the remainder of the evening in the company of his Father. The Toast to W. Bro Brian was warmly proposed W. Bro. Michael who commented that there are those that do and those that let them, W. Bro Brian firmly amongst the former. In his response, W. Bro. Brian said that he had many happy memories, particularly relating to some Brethren from early years that were influential in his Masonic career and he thanked all for joining him for what had been a most wonderful evening. Hear, hear.

Finally, I have to report that Mark sources, I am now developing the journalistic jargon, God forbid, that W. Bro Andrew Jagger may be casting off the chains that have bound him and moving to Spain!! If so enjoy and whilst he will be missed, I suspect that W.Bro. Andrew will have it all planned to see us in the Masonic season, particularly Carl Whitehead and Old York T.I.

Smile; be happy, we are Mark Master Masons.


Bro. Duncan Smith P.S.G.D.

Communications Manager