A night of celebration at Legiolium Lodge of M.M.M. No. 457

A night to remember for the Brethren of the Lodge as they had the delight of a new joining member and a candidate for advancement, the latter the first in over three years. A pleasant evening on Wednesday, 23rd May when we assembled, only twenty one of us in total, the reason being that the original date of the 4th May had to be cancelled and the meeting re-arranged. This meant that a number of officers, including Worshipful Brother Ian Lewis, could not be present, a challenge for the thirteen who attended.

The Lodge was opened in due form the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Ron Lewis  who dutifully attended to the usual formalities. A ballot was then taken for the joining member Worshipful Brother Paul Brunner and the candidate, Brother Charles Patrick (Pat) Harrington. This proved positive and W.Bro. Paul was admitted to the Lodge, warmly welcomed W.Bro. Ron and immediately invested as Inner Guard. This pleased him immensely as he had expected to be the solitary Steward. The candidate entered the Lodge and W.Bro. Ron then presided over a team who took up the challenge, plugged the gaps and, other than for the occasional prompt and pause, delivered a ceremony of which they can be proud and which was appreciated Bro. Pat. W.Bro. Ron at 93 years of age set the example followed Worshipful Brother Tony Williams with the Signs and Secrets, then the Address to the Badge and, if that were not enough, the Conclusion. Throughout Bro. Pat was carefully guided the Senior Deacon, Worshipful Brother Noel Roberts, a fine performance, and Worshipful Brother Harry Stogdale acting as Junior Deacon and delivering the Working Tools. A note for the future, they have changed their laws and regular meetings are now to be held  on the fourth Wednesday of January, May and September, hopefully this  will attract a few more members , not clashing with the weekend.

A fine repast was then enjoyed the Brethren and the Toasts commenced, that of most importance to Bro. Pat his proposer, the W.M., W.Bro. Ron who had known him for some  ten years after he joined Caldaire Craft Lodge  No.9625 where he is the current Senior Warden, hopefully Installation in September, after which he is in for a busy year or two. Apparently Bro. Pat is eager to learn all he can about Freemasonry and has many questions, the answers to which which W.Bro. Ron could not oblige. In response Bro. Pat thanked the Brethren for accepting him and looked forward to many happy years enjoying the warmth and brotherhood of the Degree of Mark Master Masonry. I, along with some 1300 others have no doubt that he will not be disappointed.

Some notes for your diaries as I do not want you to miss some great events in the Mark calendar:

These include, 21st June, Provincial Banner dedication at Britannia Lodge of M.M.M. No. 53;  Wednesday, 25th July, Combined Mark Lodges in Sheffield, under the banner of Escafeld Lodge of M.M.M. No.1139, an advancement when some very special people will be showing us all how it should be done, both of these at Tapton Hall. For those of a musical persuasion, an Evening with John Fitzpatrick at Greenhead in Huddersfield, 29th September and two offerings from John Whitworth at Pontefract Masonic Hall on October 27th and November  3rd, pure enjoyment, no barge pulling  skills required,

Smile, Be happy and remember, You are a Mark Master Mason, whoopee.

        Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.
        Communications Manager