A Letter from the Provincial Grand Almoner

Brother Almoners

My recent report for the latest newsletter is attached below.

Can I sincerely thank all our Almoners and all brethren who are continuing to make concerned calls to our brothers and dependants during this particular period.

You will see in the report that in these unprecedented circumstances we cannot rely on our members to report to us when they are in need. We need to be more proactive in our contacts during this crisis. I would ask all Almoners to ensure that together with other reliable members of their lodge, all members receive very regular calls. My feeling is calls on a daily basis from different members of the lodge. Our intention is to be as certain as we can be that there is no unnecessary suffering, loneliness or isolation.

This can only be achieved with calls at this rate. If a brother feels he is receiving too many calls then that is a price to pay to ensure there is nobody who feels they are not receiving enough calls and support.

As mentioned there is no expectation for all this responsibility to fall on the Almoner alone. There are Area Assistant Almoners and hopefully lodge brethren who will assist. There is a social benefit to the person calling as well as to the person called. Put simply these calls are to show our members that they are not alone and they are not forgotten. The calls are in some way to replace that social interaction that has been take from us all and they are a masonic moral booster.

My appreciation goes to all those helping each other at this difficult time.

Best wishes. Take care. Keep safe.