A great night of Mark Masonic Fellowship at Integrity Lodge of M.M.M. No.110

A veritable swarm of Mark Masons descended upon the Masonic Hall, Zetland Street, Wakefield, Thursday 27th September to witness the Installation of Brother Alex Baskeyfield as Worshipful Master; the car park was full to the brim with overflow in the Trinity Walk development.

The opening formalities duly despatched, the Worshipful Master, W.Bro.Michael Brearley welcomed the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield. The gavel was offered and the reply was as predicted , many thanks but there is someone else who is coming who might say yes. That was the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother John Trevor Bolton  who, having been announced Worshipful Brother Charles Lindsay, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, was admitted accompanied Worshipful Brother Peter Riggall, Elected  Representative of the Charity Committee.The gavel was again declined, W.Bro.Trevor happy to maintain a watching brief.

The installing team then took post and W.Bro.Frank Milner presented the Master elect, Bro.Alex for Installation, this being appropriate as W.Bro.Frank was his proposer. The necessary introductory questions safely navigated, Bro. Alex was duly obligated , invested with the Collar and Badge of Worshipful Master and placed in the Chair of Integrity Lodge of M.M.M.No.110 W.Bro. Michael who could feel very proud of a task superbly performed. The Installed Board was then closed and Brethren admitted,  Then followed the presentation of the Working Tools W.Bro. Mike Nowell and the explanation of the Key Stone Collaret V.W.Bro. Richard Puttrell, both in excellent order.

The Appointment and Investiture of the Officers for the year was then attended, what goes around, comes around and V.W.Bro. Richard Puttrell was again in the Director of Ceremonies seat, seems appropriate as he was the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies for a number of years, I think that he knows what he is doing. In accordance with Lodge custom the IPM, W.Bro Frank was appointed Tyler with the words from W.Bro.Alex ringing in his ears; “W.Bro.Frank you brought me into the Craft and the Mark and it now gives me great pleasure to kick you out of the Lodge for the next year”, laughter galore and W.Bro.Frank struck dumb, not often you see that. The Addresses were then undertaken, in fine form , as follows:

    The Worshipful Master,  W, Bro. Michael Nowell,

    The Wardens,  W.Bro,  Tony Stanier,

    The Overseers, W.Bro.  Nick Hopwood and

    The Brethren,  W.Bro.  Trevor Bolton, Asst.P.G.M.

The remaining items of business efficiently negotiated, the Lodge was closed and a Five course Festive Board beckoned, not unusual for this Lodge. Choice throughout,  Chicken or Steak Pie for main course and three sweets plus Cheese and biscuits, all for £15, not worth cooking for yourself is it?

Appetites satisfied, the Toast list reached the point where Worshipful Brother Frank Lefley arose to present the ‘ Crawlers Toast’ as it is universally known, that to the Province. Unsurprisingly this was eloquently delivered with comments such as , where would we be without the Provincial Officers, it is they who keep the wheels turning. In his response, W.Bro. Trevor did not demur and warmly congratulated all who had taken part, but particularly W.Bro.Michael for his smooth, professional work with no ritual book in sight, in accordance with the-request from the PGM.   He then drew attention to the Installed Masters Association, delighted to see Worshipful Brother Brian Smart, President of the Leeds and District I.M.A. present.  He emphasised that the IMA is for all Mark Master Masons in the Province who are welcome to all Lodge visits and suggested that, when IMA’s have committee meetings, to have them prior to a Lodge night when they could stay and swell the numbers, first class idea.

Notes for your diaries;

Musical evenings at Pontefract Masonic Hall with W. Bro. John Whitworth, 27th Oct. and 3thNov.

Almoners Luncheon, Tapton Hall, Monday 5th November,

Gala Ball, Bankfield Hotel Shipley, Saturday, 1st December 2018

Annual Carol Service that will again be held at Brighouse Methodist Church on Sunday, 9th December.

Almoners Luncheon, Cedar Court Monday 1st April 2019,

Last, but not least, 19th April 2019, Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting at Bradford.

The Toast to the Charities was proposed Worshipful Brother Ian Storey who presented a cheque from the Lodge to the W.Y.M.B.F.F.. This was acknowledged W.Bro. Peter who reminded Brethren that 2018 was the 150th Anniversary of the M.B.F. who have provided £350k for Blood Bikes nationally and £3.2 million pounds to St John Ambulance, the first vehicles have now been delivered. In addition the last mobile chemotherapy unit, under the Charity ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ has been sited at Airedale Hospital. The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust is in good order and responding swiftly to aid any Brother when required, The regular contributions standing order, however, remain stagnant, in percentage terms no different than ten years ago, please give this some thought but only give what you can afford. Time had moved on and the remaining Toasts were competently despatched, particularly the response to the visitors the venerable V.W.Bro Sam Kilburn, a delight to see him present.

A night where the wonderful nature of the Mark degree was on full display,

Smile, be very happy for you are a Mark Master Mason

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager