A First for the James Bramley Morley Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 1905.

There have been a number of firsts for this Lodge which was consecrated on the 23rdSeptember 2009 but this was a bit special being the first Escorted Visit to the Lodge where they welcomed the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield accompanied twenty two Officers of the year.

The Lodge was opened in due form the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. John Davies,some amusement in the variety of knocks exchanged, and initial business despatched. A report then brought forth Asst.Prov.G.D.C., Worshipful Brother Richard Brown who advised that W.Bro.Alan was without and would like to join the Fray. This he duly fulfilled and all took their allotted places. Salutations were then rendered, no surprises and that ensured that all who required to know, were fully aware of the correct knocks.

The entertainment was then introduced, Worshipful Brother Martin Millward, a custodian of numerous informative Lectures and this was no exception. Entitled,  “Just who is the Grand Master of the Mark Degree” it focussed on the many other activities in which the Grand Master is involved. I have heard it before but, none the less, found it both absorbing, and enlightening, if you get the opportunity, attend you will be surprised; for obvious reasons I shall give none of the detail, suffice to say he is clearly not just a figurehead but a shining example of Mark Masonry and the Precepts to which we all subscribe.

Brother Simon Lindley was then delighted to receive his Grand Lodge Certificate which was presented and explained W.Bro.Alan who delivered it with precision and aplomb. The Lodge then received the Certificate in relation to it’s Grand Patron Gold Award, the Collaret having been presented at the Provincial Meeting,. Thanks were paid W.Bro.John to W.Bro. Stephen Wood, without whose efforts it would not have been possible.

The Festive Board having been eagerly consumed, the Toasts were submitted and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master responded on behalf of the Province congratulating W.Bro.Martin on his lecture and commenting that Martin maintains the Library of  Speakers and Subjects which is the envy of other Provinces, called upon the Craft Province of Yorkshire West Riding. He then referred to the fact that over the last few years we have seen a slow but steady decline in our numbers, mainly due to three things:  deaths, fewer Candidates, and Resignations. There is little we can do about the deaths but there has been a great deal of work done nationally on Recruitment, Retent!on and  Re-invigora!on which Alan is dealing with and which has led led to another ‘R’ being added that being ‘Retrieval. Full details will be sent to Secretaries shortly which will include some useful ideas, watch this space.

The Mark degree is wonderful, Enjoy.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager