A fantastic Installation at Fearnley Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.58

Wednesday 13th April 2022 and a happy bunch of Mark Masons assembled to see Worshipful Brother Garry Burden the Worshipful Master install his successor Worshipful Brother Warren Marsden.  The Lodge opened and a multitude of salutations were given.  Which due to the amount of blue and gold present left the brethren with ringing in their ears and very sore hands! Various Lodge business was then completed.  

Worshipful Brother Andrew Brown the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies entered formed an escort and Very Worshipful Brother John Edward Vause the Assistant Provincial Grand Master accompanied Worshipful Brother Jim Stanley representative of the charity committee entered the Lodge.  

The W.M. greeted V.W. Bro. John to Fearnley and offered him the gavel, which was politely refused. 

Further salutations were then given to both V.W.Bro. John and W.Bro. Jim despite the brethren still recovering from sore hands!

W.Bro. Andrew again retired this time to escort Right Worshipful Brother Stephen Davison, the Assistant Grand Master into the Lodge.  W.Bro. Garry greeted R.W. Bro. Stephen and again tried to pass the gavel but was unsuccessful.  Salutations again given but this time with nine.  By now sore hands aplenty! On to the main event which really was first class.  

W.Bro. Garry showing little nerves despite the glitter of gold to his right.  W.Bro Warren was then installed into the chair in a superb manner by W. Bro. Garry.  W.Bro. Warren then appointed his officers and continued with the Lodge business in the same confident style shown by W.Bro. Garry.  This time under the direction of the newly appointed Lodge Director of Ceremonies Worshipful Brother Rod Dyer in a style which can only be described as ‘Bob On’!

The various address were then done in fine style and all other Lodge business concluded.

The closing greetings taking as long as the open salutations but of course clapping not needed and the brethren’s hands fully rested and ready to hold knives and forks for the usual and fabulous famous ‘Pie Lodge’ feast.  A fantastic atmosphere continued with W.Bro. Rod continuing to be ‘Bob On’ in everything he did.

V.W.Bro. John giving various information about the 2023 festival and the 7 years of hard work which would culminate at the Harrogate conference centre the weekend of Friday 30th June 2023 and the main gala dinner on Saturday 1st July 2023.  MC2 cycle challenge being the main fundraiser this year and things for sale on the web such as the 150th hardback book history of the Province and the sesquicentenary Jewel.  Brethren please have a look on the website all information is on there.

W.Bro. Jim at toast no.6 explained how quick help was received from the Trust and to look to support it contributing with a standing order.  He also talked about the Provincial Hoedown Saturday 25th June 2022. This is a to be a big event with caravan pitches, stalls, bands, classic car events and the star of the show ‘Adelle’ who is to entertain us all.

W.Bro. Garry in his response to the toast to him said he had to admit to be a little nervous with the amount of blue and gold present upstairs and felt a little more at ease now it was all over.
He said the Lodge would be in good hands with W.Bro. Warren who, was an active, dedicated, conscientious and hardworking mason.  W.Bro. Warren thanked him for his kind comments and assured all he would continue in fine style.  

A fabulous night as always at Fearnley which would ensure visitors continue to flock back.

W.Bro. Andrew Johnson P. Prov.G.S.W.

Communications manager.