A different approach to a ‘Burns Night’

I am confident that the vast majority of you are cognisant of a Burns Night and the proceedings including the Address to the Haggis. The latter derives from the French term ‘hacher’,  to chop or mangle, and is  mentioned Gervaise Markham, a writer, in his book, ‘the English Huswife’. The dish was adopted our cousins North of the Border and became their National Dish prompting Robert Burns to write , ‘Address to the haggis’ in 1787,

Some few weeks ago, our Provincial Chaplain, W.Bro. Roger Quick mentioned that he had heard it delivered in three different modes viz. Original Robert Burns, Yorkshire version Roger Quick and the South of England version, please see the image below, which provides the detail of all three.  Seems a good idea, when we are back in Lodge and allowed to participate in a Burns Night, that it would be interesting todeliver each verse in differentia style.  I leave it with you as I doubt that we will be able to experience it until January 2022 but keep fingers crossed!. In the meantime enjoy your Zoom meetings, keep engaging with one another,  most of all STAY SAFE.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith, PGSD.

Communications Manager.