A Demonstration at Pudsey Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 658

No, not the sort of thing that seem to be an every day occurrence in this country nowadays, fracking here and there, but the Northern Mark Masonic Team demonstrating certain aspects of the Advancement Ceremony.. This took place on Monday 12th march and coincided with a visit Worshipful Brother Richard Brown, President of the Leeds and District Installed Masters Association, accompanied members of the association, a good attendance.

The opening procedures completed the Worshipful Master Worshipful Brother Jack Barber, Worshipful Brother Phillip Boyd who leads the Northern Demonstration Team introduced his players being:
W.Bro Alan Young as Senior Warden
W.Bro Stuart Lines as Junior Warden
W.Bro Barry Masham as Master Overseer
W.Bro Ronald Frank as Senior Deacon
W.Bro David Keith as Junior Deacon
W.Bro Roger Webster as Candidate

It covers the Advancement Ceremony particularly focusing on certain aspects ,with an aim of a better interpretation of the Ritual so that the candidate has a clear understanding of the Ceremony; there is no intention to change any traditions attributable to any Lodge. It was delivered in style, some forty minutes in length and was very well received, many commenting that they had learned much and found it useful.

There are two teams, North and South, available to Lodges in the Province and all it takes is an e-mail or call to;

North, Leeds and Bradford I.M.A’s. Phill Boyd, phill.boyd1947@gmail .com, 01132 579597, or 07794841701

South, South Yortkshire and Huddersfield/Halifax I.M.A’s, Duncan Smith, duncansmith161@gmail.com. 01924252469 or 07932692439.

The remaining business was then dutifully attended , the Lodge was closed in due form and all adjourned to the Festive Board, a feast of healthy vegetable soup and Steak Pie. W.Bro.Stuart Lines proposed the Toast to the W.M. commenting that his work had been superb, although it had to be acknowledged that he had very little to do! Whilst admitting that was the case, W.Bro.Jack was delighted that a lovely evening had been had all and this had manifested itself in a wonderful atmosphere throughout, Agreed, Mark Masonry at it’s best again.

In his Toast to the visitors, Worshipful Brother Graham Cooper used the analogy of travelling and thanked the visitors for taking he journey that took them to a lay in Pudsey to stop over with the Brethren and ensure that a wonderful night was had all. This was echoed W.Bro. Richard Brown in hi response who welcomed a superb demonstration expressing the hope of more power the their elbow.

Remember Smile, Be Happy, you are Mark Master Masons

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager