A Barnes Family affair at Bronte Lodge of MMM No.535  

A beautiful, sunny day on Monday, 28th March as I leisurely made my way to Haworth for the Installation at Bronte. The warmth during the drive, however, was exceeded that I received at the Masonic hall, firstly very Worshipful Brother, ‘Whispering’ Keith Trott and then others present, An excellent attendance, particularly in the light of continuing covid concern. 

The Lodge was opened in fine style a sprightly, Worshipful Brother Tom Ward. Minutes of the previous meeting confirmed and there being no correspondence attention turned to a report. This brought forth Assistant Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Worshipful Brother Edward Wilkinson who, without any delay, ushered forward the Provincial Grand Senior Warden, Worshipful Brother Andy Johnson accompanied Worshipful Brother Mark Kenyon, Elected Member of the Charity Committee., they received appropriate salutations.

A Dispensation was then read as Bro. Peter had not yet passed through the Craft Chair. The Officers of the Lodge were then assembled and addressed by. W.Bro. Tom who thanked them for all the support that they had given him and knew that this would be the case for his successor; all below the Rank of a Worshipful Master then retired. At this juncture, a wonderful moment as W.Bro. John Barnes. ‘W.Bro. Dad’, obligated his Son, now Worshipful Brother Peter Barnes. W.Bro. Tom then delivered the Signs and Secrets,  invested him with the Badge, Collar and Jewel and placed him the Chair of Adoniram. The Brethren were then admitted and Saluted the newly Installed Master accordingly.

The working tools were then presented W.Bro. Andrew Brown ,  W.Bro. Tom then attending to the Warrant, Book of Constitutions of Grand Lodge, of Provincial Grand Lodge and the Lodge By Laws  The Key Stone Collarette was explained in superb fashion W.Bro Neil, which was then presented W.Bro. Tom together with the Grand Patron Diamond Collarette of the Lodge. Officers of the lodge were then Appointed and Invested, no surprises after which the Addresses were undertaken, in good order, as follows;

Worshipful Master​​​ W.Bro. Neil Davies

Wardens​​​​ ​W.Bro. John Harrison

Overseers​​​​​ W.Bro. Mike Tyson

Brethren​​​​​ W.Bro. Andy Johnson.

A Past Masters Jewel was then delivered to W.Bro. Tom W.Bro Neil, they did work him hard on the night, who congratulated him on living his life in accordance with the Precepts and theresetting a wonderful example for others to follow; well said Neil; and he then gave a comprehensive Almoners report. The remaining business despatched, the Lodge was closed in due form.

Excellent Repast at the Festive Board, particularly the Roast Beef and attention turned to the Toasts under the authoritative guidance of W.Bro. Clive.  The Toast to the Province was in the safe hands of the Senior warden, Brother Steve Burd who pointed out that, as is the case with many Lodges at the present time, they are reliant upon the commitment and expertise of the Provincial officers, standing in at a moments notice. This was echoed the W,Bro, Andy in his response who went on to remind Brethren that we are approaching the end of the  Festival in 2023. We now need to have one final push, in this regard, they do not have to be major events, coffee mornings, cheese and wine evenings, small occasions for all to enjoy. The Festival celebrations are to take place on the weekend of the 30th June and 1st July 2023, suggest that you make a note now. Finally, the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge will take place at Bradford Grammar School on Saturday, 23rd April, be there to support the Provincial Grand Master.

W.Bro Tom then dealt with the Charities Toast making particular reference to the good work that the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust has done for Bronte. Good news, two hundred and fifteen pounds had been raised in the evening and would be on its way. Responding, W.Bro. Mark gave a date for the diary, the Provincial Social committee is to hold a Hoe Down on Saturday 25th June.  The venue is at Ringstone Hill Farm, Brierely near Barnsley. Weather permitting, a must. An Almoners Lunch is to take place on the 4th April followed two more n the year and the Annual Holiday to take place at The Prom Hotel, St Annes on Sea,  Notices have been sent out which will be dealt Lodge Almoners.  As an aside, later in proceedings a new member was introduced W.Bro. Ian Booth, see photo, nothing more to say.

W.Bro. Tom then took care of the toast to the Worshipful Master which obviously delighted him as he has known him since he was eight years old. W.Bro. Peter was then somewhat emotional, hardly surprising with his W.Bro. Dad in attendance; lovely moments. The visitors were thanked for their attendance the Junior Warden, Brother John Leadbeater, excellent support for which the lodge was very grateful.  Responding Worshipful Brother Derek Thulborn, the Worshipful Master of Gilkirke Lodge No. 812 thanked all involved for a most enjoyable evening. Excellent Ceremony, a wonderful feeling of chatter and banter, thankfully not uncommon in the Magic of the Mark. 

Remember , You are all mark Master Masons, Be happy.

V.W. Bro. Duncan Smith, PGJO.