Vulcan Lodge of Mark Master Masons, Installation 29th April 2019. At last the tide may be turning?

A special night at Tapton Hall for the Installation of Brother Terry Sweet but also, and supremely welcome, the attendance of four Masters in the Chair. The Provincial Grand Master, his fellow Rulers and Representatives have been encouraging Masters to meet this responsibility of their Office for a long time but it has now borne fruit, please let us have the same at Cleeves No.618 On Wednesday, 15th May, the Master elect, Steven Hides ,was also present.  See photo below, they were as follows;

W.Bro.John Smith​​​, Sincerity Lodge No.943,

W.Bro.Matthew Brelsford​​, Aireferry No.1769,W

W.Bro.Charles Drury​, ​Escafeld No.1139 and

W.Bro.Malcolm Roe​​​, Lascelles No.987.

A young team at the helm at Vulcan, including the Wardens, the Lodge was opened the Worshipful Master, W.Bro.Mark Rothman assisted his I.P.M., W.Bro. Graham Littlewood, The dispensation in respect of the date change was read and, upon a report, the Provincial Director of Ceremonies, Worshipful Brother John Vause was admitted and advised that the Provincial Grand Senior Warden, Worshipful Brother Mark Holland, accompanied W.Bro.Chris Oldfield, Elected member of the Charity Committee, wished to join the party, this was enthusiastically received and they took their places. The W.M. then made the appropriate enquiries of Bro.Terry and receiving satisfactory replies moved on, Brethren below the Rank of a Worshipful Master were asked to leave and an Installed Board opened. Bro.Terry returned and was duly obligated W.Bro.Mark, the Signs and Secrets of an Installed Master delivered, he was invested with the Collar and Badge of his office and placed in the Chair. The working Tools were then delivered the Junior Warden, Bro..Steven Stones in a clear and professional manner whereupon W.Bro.Mark concluded with the transfer of the Warrant of the Lodge, Constitutions, Bye Laws, the Keystone Collaret and Lodge Grand Patron Collaret. 

The addresses were then in the hands of the following who can be very proud of a job well done;

Worshipful Master​​, ​​W.Bro.Graham Littlewood

Wardens​​​​​, W.Bro.Alex Geddes,

Overseers​​​, ​​W.Bro.David hayes and

Brethren​​​​​, W.Bro.Mark Holland.

The latter was superb throughout, including the Festive Board and has found the exposure of this high profile office to his liking, he can be very pleased with himself, congratulations Mark.. A surprise to all followed, especially to W.Bro,Graham who found himself conducted to the floor of the Lodge and presented, W.Bro.Chris, with his personal Grand Patron Collaret, Gold Award beckons.

The Lodge closed, the Festive Board awaited and  did not disappoint, the highlight for me, Lamb Hotpot, worth the wait. The Toast to the Province was in the hands of W.Bro.Graham  who recognised the assistance provided the Provincial Grand Lodge Officers. They are readily available to step in to any Office and provide advice and direction second to none, a big thank you for all you do. W,Bro,Mark Holland in response congratulated W,Bro.Terry and trusted that he would have a very happy year in Office, and to bear in mind his responsibility to be an ambassador for his Lodge in visiting other Lodges, particularly those in the S.Y.A.I.M. He then thanked all who had attended the Annual Provincial Meeting supporting both the Province and the Provincial Grand Master. It will be held again at Bradford Grammar School in 2020 on Saturday 18th April. At the meeting, V.W.Bro.Edward Patnick was honoured, and very surprised, to receive the Provincial Grand Masters Award, richly deserved. Mark then thanked the D.C.Team for their floor work which he likened to an excerpt from Strictly Come Dancing, choreographic excellence, remember he was a Provincial A.D.C. Finally he thanked all the Officers of the Lodge who give freely and tirelessly of their time both for the Lodges and the Province.

In presenting the Toast to the Charities, W.Bro.Alex correctly made the point we keep both the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust and the M.B.F. at the forefront of our minds to ensure support is available when required. W.Bro.Chris confirmed that the C & W continues to meet it’s obligations two Almoners Luncheons will be held this year, one has already taken place, and the Holiday to St Annes is in June. Festivals are, of course, the primary source of income for the M.B.F., please bear that in mind when providing your support for the ‘Perimeter Perambulation’, 231 miles around the boundaries of the Province, which Richard Puttrell and Steven Spooner are doing on our behalf. Chris then encouraged Brethren to use standing orders as a tax efficient, easy way of contributing. He recognised that and large he was probably speaking to the converted but if there are those out there who have yet to make the step, come and join us NOW!

A wonderful evening of Mark Masonic Magic. 

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager