53rd Annual General Meeting of the Huddersfield, Halifax and Districts Installed Masters Association

A goodly number of Mark Master Masons turned out at the Masonic  Hall, Halifax  Road, Dewsbury on Monday, 24th April 2017 for the 53rd Annual General Meeting of the Association . They enjoyed a typical Dewsbury, Heavy Woollen District, repast of Pea and Ham Soup, delicious, Steak Pie, mash and vegetables followed Apple crumble and custard. Those of us with a weight conscious approach swapped the Steak pie for Salmon.

The tables cleared, the Meeting was then formally opened the President, Worshipful Brother John Madigan who thanked all for their attendance, particularly representatives from the Bradford and Districts Association notably the President, Worshipful Brother Andrew Johnson, accompanied Worshipful Brother Edward Wilkinson, the newly appointed Provincial Grand Junior warden. Sadly I have to report that there were no representatives from either the Leeds or South Yorkshire Associations. It would be a good idea if they could all manage to attend one of the remaining A.G.M.s., is this possible?


Bro. John had enjoyed an excellent year with numerous visits, stressing that encouraging visiting was the raison d’être of the Associations. During one particularly frenzied month he had attended 18 Lodges and spent 10 days in Tenerife, seem like an ideal way to spend ones time in my book. He did point out that, upon his travels he very much saw the same people and that I can acknowledge is my experience. In his opinion what was missing, other than a few exceptions, were current Masters in the Chair and Brethren, a message there for all. Finally he paid particular thanks to the Secretary, Worshipful Brother Graham Pearce and the Treasurer Worshipful Brother Beverley Heywood, both very loyal servants of the Association.


The President then invested his successor, the appointments being;

President, W.Bro. John Davis, Dewbury Lodge.

Senior Vice President, W. Bro. Steven Spooner, Peace lodge,

Junior Vice President, W. Bro. Peter Spence. Lightcliffe Lodge.

There were then no surprises with both W. Bro. Graham and W. Bro. Bev. both being re appointed in their roles of Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Subsequently, this was followed W. Bro. Bev giving notice of motion that he would be seeking an increase in annual dues; questions were then asked as to whether they had made the right appointment after all!! The newly appointed President then gave notice that there would be a Sunday Lunch to be announced at a later date.

The Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother James Steggles ,G.M.R.A.C. accompanied the  Deputy and Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, Worshipful Brothers Richard Puttrell and Dr, Rod Taylor,  congratulated the Presidential Trio on their appointments and warmly thanked. Bro. John Madigan for all his hard work over the past 12 months. He then provided a short synopsis of events at the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting held the previous Saturday at Bradford. Principally this covered the retirement of both the current the Deputy and Assistant, their successors being Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield as Deputy Provincial Grand Master and Worshipful Brother Trevor Bolton as Assistant Provincial Grand Master, both warmly applauded the Brethren.


Several dates were provided for your diaries being as follows;

20th September at Fearnley Lodge of M.M.M., Investiture of new Rulers. Attendance invite only.

29th October, Festival Sunday Lunch at Greenhead Masonic hall.

26th November, Xmas Fayre at Greenhead Masonic hall.

10th December, Xmas Carol Concert, Brighouse,

7th April 2018, Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting, Bradford,

Lastly, and please make a note of this now as this will be a sell out, Variety Show at Bradford Grammar School, Compere, Freddie ‘Parrot face’ Davies, 14th April 1018.


Bro. John Madigan also announced that on the 7th July, a Family Fun Walk along the tow path would take place from Slaithwaite to Marsden. Having done this myself on a number of occasions, I can thoroughly recommend it, numerous drop points for the occasional libation, W. Bro. Madigan did indicate that one time, having thought that he would get a lift back from Marsden, he arrived to find this was not the case and said he then had to walk back, the response being ‘yes but that would have been the next day’!

There will also be an initiative called the’ Tube of Smarties’;  the tube being provided free on the understanding that it be returned, full of contribution to the Festival, cute thinking.

Much to take on board but all wended home having had an entertaining evening, sounds like the Mark to me.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager