250 Club Newsletter

The 250 Club bi-annual draw took place on Saturday 7th October at the Carl Whitehead Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners at Tapton Hall. Interestingly it appears, a dint of good fortune, to have been well distributed around the Province with 12 prizes totalling £1400.

Three first prizes of £250 were drawn in the name of Worshipful Brother David Kelly of Caldene Lodge No. 501 who is recovering from a heart attack and it will hopefully give him the enthusiasm to spend it when he gets back to full heath. The other two were given to Worshipful Brother Alan Hopwood of Prince Leopold No.352 and Worshipful Brother Garry Milnes of Prince Edward No.14.

Dartmouth Lodge No. 545 won £100 and is the FIRST Lodge to win under the new rules wherea Lodge can become a 250 Club participant; Worshipful Brother Gerry Barker of St. Chad No.374!! also was a lucky recipient of £100. Peace RAM Lodge No. 681will, apparently, be joining at their next meeting in January and the Huddersfield and Halifax Installed Masters’ Association have also purchased 250 Club numbers. Additionally, the 250 Club has begun to gain interest from Brethren’s Ladies and they have currently eight Ladies who have purchased numbers.

The Chairman of the 250 Club, Worshipful Brother Keith Robinson has been seen around the Province talking about the opportunities now available across a number of avenues; this is the only one that I am aware of that provides a chance to enjoy financial benefit at the same time. In line with the old adage that it normally goes to the biggest pile, this should appeal to the more pecunious Brethren.

Best of luck, it does go to a good cause.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.
Communications Manager